Imprinted Gene Databases

Imprinted Genes: by Species

Below are listings of genes by species, sorted by chromosomal location. Gene information has been gathered from NCBI, and some genes lack chromosomal coordinates; these are designated with ---. To switch species, select the appropriate tab. To view more information about a gene, click on its name. If there is a gene missing that you feel should be included in the catalog, please contact us.

Only display genes with imprint status:
Gene Aliases Location Status Expressed Allele
DIS3L2   15:132530783-132912942  Imprinted Paternal
OSBPL1A   6:108987729-109251949 AS  Imprinted Maternal
IMPACT   6:109225589-109282800  Not Imprinted Biallelic
NOB1   6:17223862-17255450  Imprinted Maternal
DLX5   Un AS  Imprinted Maternal
AMPD3   2:49016694-49094981 AS  Imprinted Maternal
LRRTM1   3:63575783-63600367  Not Imprinted Biallelic
HM13   17:35238574-35298430  Not Imprinted Biallelic
DHCR7   2:2367351-2401845  Imprinted Maternal
INPP5F   14:129567593-129681540  Imprinted Paternal
SNRPN   Un:78779-168366 AS  Imprinted Paternal
ZNF709 LOC100624806  2:70352160-70406327  Imprinted Paternal
TFPI2   9:73674235-73704662 AS  Imprinted Maternal
TACC2   14:131760022-131859819  Imprinted Paternal
CDKN1C   2:2009390-2032091 AS  Imprinted Maternal
PRIM2   7:28264625-28576632 AS  Imprinted Paternal
SGIP1   6:145805657-146061620 AS  Imprinted Paternal
COPG2   18:18199377-18341535  Imprinted Maternal
IGF2R M6P/IGF2R  1:7359484-7482479 AS  Imprinted Tissue Dependent
GATM AGAT  1:140835024-140871763 AS  Not Imprinted Biallelic
PLAGL1   1:23677362-23717499  Imprinted Paternal
NECD NDN  1:158265443-158286422  Imprinted Paternal
MAGEL2   1:158303354-158327254  Imprinted Paternal
PHLDA2 IPL  2:417844-438692 AS  Imprinted Maternal
KCNQ1 KVLQT1  2:1665322-1999109  Imprinted Paternal
CD81   2:1615727-1651661  Not Imprinted Biallelic
IGF2AS   Imprinted Paternal
H19   Imprinted Maternal
ASCL2   2:1548458-1570111 AS  Not Imprinted Biallelic
IGF2 IGF-II  2:-9459-11048 AS  Imprinted Paternal
COMMD1   3:83595339-83758648 AS  Not Imprinted Biallelic
DCN   5:96099665-96153718  Not Imprinted Biallelic
SLC38A4   5:80383377-80445176 AS  Imprinted Isoform Dependent
JPH3   6:1667131-1777009 AS  Imprinted Paternal
DIRAS3   6:133855006-133877485  Imprinted Paternal
PEG3   6q11-q22  Imprinted Paternal
DLK1   7:132329546-132355906  Imprinted Paternal
MEG3 GTL2  7:132150287-132174528 AS  Imprinted Maternal
DIO3 5DIII, DIOIII  7:130193325-130214220 AS  Imprinted Paternal
RASGRF1 CDC25, CDC25L, GNRP, GRF1, GRF55, H-GRF55, PP13187  7:53,660,481-53,785,364  Imprinted Tissue Dependent
NAP1L5   8:139764315-139785214  Imprinted Paternal
PGM2L1   9:8676975-8771720 AS  Imprinted Maternal
COL1A2   9:74164483-74220406  Not Imprinted Biallelic
CASD1   9:74266532-74357607  Not Imprinted Biallelic
ASB4   9:82478606-82589546  Not Imprinted Biallelic
PEG10   9:81633144-81665240  Imprinted Paternal
SGCE   9:81590726-81652851 AS  Imprinted Paternal
PON2   9:82204500-82257498  Imprinted Maternal
PPP1R9A   9:74625284-74954049  Imprinted Maternal
KBTBD6 LOC100154105  11:25694932-25720993  Imprinted Paternal
THRB C-ERBA-B1  13:10890715-11370586 AS  Imprinted Paternal
H13 HM13  17:40068728-40149815 AS  Not Imprinted Biallelic
NNAT   17:46033583-46055821  Imprinted Paternal
NESP55 GNAS complex locus  17:66294008-66366737  Imprinted Maternal
MEST PEG1  18:19319151-19348853 AS  Imprinted Paternal