Imprinted Gene Databases

Sus scrofa: DLX5

Distal-less homeobox 5
Species Gene Aliases Location Status Expressed Allele
Sus scrofa DLX5   Un  Imprinted Maternal
Mus musculus Dlx5 AI385752  6 2.0 cM  Not Imprinted Biallelic
Homo sapiens DLX5   7q22  Imprinted Maternal


  • Reverse Complement:
  • Margin:
  • Show CpG islands: *
  • Show CpG sites:
  • Bisulfite treat:
    Replace C with hyphen:
    Potential primer sites:


  • Non-coding: acgtacgt
  • Exon: AGCTACGT
  • Primer site: acgtacgt
  • CpG island: acgtacgt
  • CpG: **

*CpG island algorithm based on that described in: Takai D and Jones PA. Comprehensive analysis of CpG islands in human chromoseme 21 and 22. PNAS 2002 99(6):3740-5. For more options, visit the CpG Island Searcher.

1     cggggagatg cccccggagc acagccccag ctccagcgac cccatggcgt gtaactcgcc    60
61    gcagtctccg gctgtgtggg agccccaggg ttcgtcccgc tcgctcagcc accaccctca   120
121   tgcccaccct ccgacctcca accagtcccc cgcgtccagc tacctggaga actcggcttc   180
181   ctggtacccg agcgcggcca gctcaatcaa ttcccacgtg ccgccgcccg gctccttgca   240
241   gc                                                                  242