Imprinted Gene Databases

Imprinted Genes: by Species

Below are listings of genes by species, sorted by chromosomal location. Gene information has been gathered from NCBI, and some genes lack chromosomal coordinates; these are designated with ---. To switch species, select the appropriate tab. To view more information about a gene, click on its name. If there is a gene missing that you feel should be included in the catalog, please contact us.

Only display genes with imprint status:
Gene Aliases Location Status Expressed Allele
MEG8 RIAN  18:-  Imprinted Maternal
MEST Peg1  4:103044708-103077544  Imprinted Paternal
KCNQ1   21:50591344-50992195 AS  Imprinted Maternal
INPP5F   22:43147315-43259112  Imprinted Paternal
IGF2R IGF-IIR, M6P/IGF2R  8:90913719-91036607  Imprinted Maternal
PEG3   14:69201428-69236616 AS  Imprinted Paternal
PHLDA2   21:50519419-50539900  Imprinted Maternal
PRNP Prp, SIP, PRPC  13:48648418-48688995  Imprinted
PPP1R9A   4:14001027-14365726  Imprinted Maternal
PON3   4:14398890-14454685 AS  Imprinted Paternal
PLAGL1   8:75004743-75080815 AS  Imprinted Paternal
SLC22A18   21:50522589-50563086 AS  Imprinted Maternal
GTL2   18:66210213-66265419  Imprinted Maternal
BLCAP   13:69217650-69268432 AS  Imprinted Paternal
CASD1   4:13701540-13774595  Imprinted Maternal
COPG2   4:103057767-103240730 AS  Imprinted Maternal
DIRAS3   1:45897716-45920140 AS  Imprinted Paternal
GATM   7:67297696-67333538  Imprinted Maternal
WARS1 WARS  18:65730662-65777987 AS  Imprinted Paternal
GRB10   4:6326862-6522257  Imprinted Maternal
BEGAIN BEGAIN, BEGAIN2B  12 F1  Imprinted Paternal
GNAS   13:56776876-56797891 AS  Imprinted Maternal
AK053394   18  Imprinted Maternal
DIO3 5DIII, DIOIII  18:66997874-67018710  Imprinted Paternal
AK050713   18  Imprinted Maternal
DLK1 DLK1  18  Imprinted Paternal
RTL1 PEG11  18  Imprinted Paternal
MIRG MEG9  18  Imprinted Maternal
IGF2 IGF2, IGF-II  21  Imprinted Paternal
CDKN1C CDKN1C  21  Imprinted Maternal
H19   21  Imprinted Maternal