Imprinted Gene Databases

Imprinted Genes: by Species

Below are listings of genes by species, sorted by chromosomal location. Gene information has been gathered from NCBI, and some genes lack chromosomal coordinates; these are designated with ---. To switch species, select the appropriate tab. To view more information about a gene, click on its name. If there is a gene missing that you feel should be included in the catalog, please contact us.

Only display genes with imprint status:
Gene Aliases Location Status Expressed Allele
Igf2r Igfr2, IGF-IIR  1:47969108-48077500  Imprinted Maternal
Apeg3   1:67111401-67132332 AS  Imprinted Paternal
Peg3   1:67087873-67134691  Imprinted Paternal
H19 ASM, ASM1, D11S813E  1:222629222-222651898 AS  Imprinted Maternal
Igf2 IGFII, RNIGF2  1:222712920-222743027 AS  Imprinted Paternal
Rian Meg8  Imprinted Maternal
Dio3os   Imprinted Maternal
Rtl1   6:134172035-134197062 AS  Imprinted Paternal
Gtl2 Meg3, RGD1566401  6:128481807-128534009  Imprinted Maternal
Dio3 5DIII, DIOIII  6:134617277-134639138  Imprinted Paternal
Dlk1 Zog, DLK-1, Pref-1  6:128400215-128427517  Imprinted Paternal
Rasgrf1   8:96768439-96915933  Imprinted Paternal
Sfmbt2   17:73403304-73599643 AS  Imprinted Maternal
Impact   18:4303598-4344408  Imprinted Paternal